Strategy Guides - Defensive Domination Strategy Guide

Defensive Domination Strategy Guide

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Offense is what makes Madden fun, but all of the top ranked players will tell you this game is all about the DEFENSE! 

In this strategy guide you will learn...

  • Detailed breakdown of two of the best defensive playbooks in the game
  • The three main plays that you need to learn and how to audible from them
  • Situational Plays and how to user intercept and stripe the ball
  • How to user intercept throws, force fumbles, not get beat deep, and many other hidden secrets you won't find on message boards!
  • The stats that are most important on defense when building your team

If you are not satisfied with this guide, and believe it did not help you improve your Madden Defense even a little bit, we will offer you a refund of 50,000 coins with the condition that you will no longer be allowed to purchase future guides. We are confident however that you will love every word!

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