Strategy Guides - Offensive Mastery Strategy Guide

Offensive Mastery Strategy Guide

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If you think that your offensive playbook is not that important, and they're all pretty much interchangeable, then you have a lot to learn! Whether you are a rookie or top-tier Madden player, this guide is sure to give you an edge for MUT '15 and on.

In this strategy guide you will learn...

  • Ultimate User Face Catch, Rocket Catch, Fade Catch, Streak Catch, and more!
  • Detailed breakdown of the best offensive guide as selected by the best Madden Players in the World
  • Numerous "cheese" plays to drive your opponents crazy!
  • How to convert 4th & 1 all the time and many other hidden secrets you won't find on message boards
  • The stats that truly matter when building your team

If you are not satisfied with this guide, and believe it did not help you improve your Madden Offense even a little bit, we will offer you a refund of 50,000 coins with the condition that you will no longer be allowed to purchase future guides. We are confident however that you will love every word!

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