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NFL Honors 99 QB Aaron Rodgers & 99 LE J.J. Watt

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on February 04 2015

Madden Ultimate Team is releasing extremely rare elite cards to honor some of the players who won awards this year. Today they released a 97 WR Odell Beckham Jr. and a 97 DT Aaron Donald. The OBJ card has a 101 spectacular catch rating! Aaron Donald isn't anything I would rush to pick up. His price should drop a good amount by next week.

I can confirm that EA Sports will be releasing very rare and limited edition 99 QB Aaron Rodgers and 99 LE J.J. Watt later this week. Expect these cards to be the two best in the game at their respective positions for a long time. Aaron Rodgers should have some incredible stats including a a very high elusiveness. Remember the trick play against the Dolphins? Good luck bidding on them in the Auction House!

The above two players are 100% confirmed, but the rumor mill says we should definitely expect a 98-99 HB DeMarco Murray, a 98-99 TE Rob Gronkowski, and LB Thomas Davis.

The following is a list of potential 24 Hour Limited Edition cards that EA Sports may release this week, but I would take the list with a grain of salt:

  • WR Larry Fitzgerald (Art Rooney)
  • OLB Justin Houston (Deacon Jones)
  • HB Le'Veon Bell (Fantasy Player of the Year)
  • Head Coach Bruce Arians (Coach of the Year)

You think your team is good now? You have no idea what is coming right around the corner! With Golden Tickets and 2015 Draft Promo coming soon, the MUT season is just starting to heat up! Check back daily for more insider MUT news.

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