Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can you explain the order process?

Sending payment and receiving your coins is very simple. The following steps should help you complete your purchase hassle free.

  1. Select the amount of coins you wish to purchase. You can order a single item or multiple items.
  2. Fill out your order details that include your PSN ID or XBL GT and the card you are posting with a time limit of 1 day.
  3. Go into your ITEM BINDER and pick any card and post it on the AUCTION HOUSE for the amount of coins you bought. If you purchased 500,000 coins then you would post your card for 500,000 BUY NOW.
  4. Continue to checkout and complete your payment information.
  5. After we receive a confirmation email with your order details, the coins will be delivered within 5 minutes. However, if we are processing several orders at once or the PSN/XBL/MUT servers are temporarily down, we may take up to 30 minutes until PSN/XBL/MUT are back up.
  6. If you order ever can not be fulfilled within 30 minutes due to any and every reason, we will contact you within those 30 minutes and ask if you would like an immediate refund or the approximate time it will take to deliver your order.
  7. For all orders that total 2,000,000 or more coins, we will provide you with a personal phone number to call or text should you have any questions about your order.

Can I sell my coins to you?

Tired of playing MUT? Send an e-mail to or tweet us @MrMUTCoin and a member of our team will get in contact with you.

EA Tax is 10%, do you cover it?

We occasionally will cover the EA Tax for you if you make several purchases with us. However, we are unable to cover the EA Tax when a discount code is used.

How do I know you guys are legit?

Take a look at our testimonials page.

What Payment methods do you have?

Currently we only accept PayPal because it's the safest way of you paying and us receiving your money. PayPal has been running for years and is the number one online payment gateway. If you are having trouble with Pay Pal send us an e-mail and we can try to figure out an alternative payment method.

Can I sponsor you?

We are always looking for new sponsors. Check out the sponsors page for more details.

What is your refund policy?

To learn more about refunds and exchanges, you can visit our refund policy page.

 If we didn't answer your question, reach out to us at

How to find your Server in Madden Mobile?

1.) Choose the Options Button, next to 'Live Events' in the Top Left Corner 

2.) Choose ‘Auctions’

3.) Choose the ‘Search’ Feature

4.) Enter the Following Information:

  • Player Name: Love
  • Price : Buy Now – Min ‘999111’
  • Buy Now - Max ‘999444’

5.) After entering prices ranges, click ‘Save’. Finally click ‘Search’ in the bottom right corner.

6.) How to identify your Server:

 Look carefully at the numbers on the ‘Buy Now’ Prices:

If the Majority are ‘999111’ - You are in Server #1

If the Majority are ‘999222’ - You are in Server #2

If the Majority are ‘999333’ - You are in Server #3

If the Majority are ‘999444’ - You are in Server #4

Please pay close attention. Contact us you still need help.