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First Look: The Golden Ticket

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on February 22 2015

Many of you have been emailing us asking for details about "the golden ticket" promotion. For those unaware, Golden Tickets are the most coveted cards in the entire game. What do they do? They allow you to create any card you choose and it will be released in Madden Ultimate Team packs.

Last year EA only released five Golden Ticket Collectibles per console! They may add more this year with the rise in popularity of MUT. The chances of pulling one is harder than pulling a 24 Hour Boss Ultimate Legend, so the most you can hope for is that the lucky person who pulls one picks an exciting player.

20 Golden Tickets Collectible will be released during the last week of March. Players will be chosen by 20 lucky people and then released starting the end of April.

Below you will find a list of the players chosen with the Golden Tickets last year. Every player has a 99 Overall Rating and is limited to 50, 100, or 150 per console.

5 Golden Ticket Collectible Per Console (March 27th)

  • Players are preselected so there is a chance of having duplicate Golden Ticket players

Golden Ticket - Round 1 (April 27th)

  • QB Cam Newton (x/50)
  • QB Matthews Stafford (x/50)
  • FS Harrison Smith (x/100)
  • MLB Kiko Alonso (x/50)

Golden Ticket - Round 2 (May 4th)

  • WR Brian Finneran (x/150)
  • QB Ben Roethlisberger (x/50)
  • QB Randall Cunningham (x/50)
  • HB LeSean McCoy (x/50)

Golden Ticket - Round 3 (May 11th)

  • QB Cam Newton (x/100)
  • FS Ed Reed (x/100)
  • MLB Patrick Willis (x/100)
  • QB Andrew Luck (x/150)

Golden Ticket - Round 4 (May 18th)

  • QB Michael Vick (x/100)
  • SS Brian Dawkins (x/150)
  • TE Dennis Pitta (x/150)
  • Unclaimed Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket - MUT Invitational (May 25th)

  • TE Donald Penn (24 HOUR ONLY)
  • FS Calvin Johnson Jr. (x/100)
  • CB Patrick Peterson (x/100)
  • CB Nnamdi Asomugha (x/100)

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