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Top 10 Most Wanted MUT Players

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on March 21 2015

We have been asking for the last month some of the players you would like to see in MUT 15 that EA has yet to release. The list is based on a combination of popularity, overall skill, on and off the field charisma, and a wildcard factor. We tried to poll both old and young football fans and even we disagree with some of the results. Bear in mind that EA does not have the rights to some of these players and we may never see them in any future Madden game, but if Eli Manning can win more Super Bowls than Peyton Manning than anything is possible. 

We are relaunching our YouTube channel soon and will be giving away an Ultimate Legend 99 QB Michael Vick for either the PS4 or XB1. Check out our Twitter for complete details this weekend.  


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