Combine Warrior Week 7

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The Combine Warrior for Week 7 is former Florida Gator WR Percy Harvin who was drafted 22nd in the 2009 NFL Draft Class by the Minnesota Vikings. This should be a quality card you should consider picking up since it should have excellent KR and PR stats.

Combine Invitation Player + 5 Combine Warrior Collectibles + 4 Gold Badges = Combine Warrior Player

  • 96 WR Percy Harvin (Combine Warrior Player)
  • 80 WR Percy Harvin (Combine Invitation Player)
  • 19 Bench Reps Collectible
  • 4.41 Forty Collectible
  • 37.5" Vertical Collectible
  • Position Drills Collectible
  • 5'11" Collectible

Information about the Combine Master Set coming soon.

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