Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday Week 5

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EA is back for its fifth week of adding one new player to the M25 Throwback and Flashback sets. This week we received a 97 WR Keenan Allen and 97 HB DeAngelo Williams.


Below you will find a list of all the added FB and M25 Throwback players added over the last 5 weeks.

M25 Throwback Players

  • 96 RE Cameron Jordan (M25)
  • 99 ROLB Aldon Smith (M25)
  • 97 QB Cam Newton (M25)
  • 96 TE Eric Ebron (M25)
  • 97 WR Keenan Allen (M25)

Flashback Players

  • 97 RE Justin Tuck (FB)
  • 97 WR Brandon Marshall (FB)
  • 99 CB Darrell Revis (FB)
  • 99 QB Peyton Manning (FB)
  • 97 HB DeAngelo Williams (FB)

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