Ultimate Team Week 11

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Saturday's Ultimate Team legends will include a 99 MLB Ray Lewis and 99 WR Larry Fitzgerald. Both are receiving upgraded versions of their previously released 98 and 97 legend cards. In addition, there will be a 99 HB Walter Payton available in packs for 48 hours only.

EA will be releasing a previously unreleased legend (i.e. Michael Vick, Patrick Willis, Rob Gronkowski, etc) player for Week 12. So far there has been at least one player at every position (2 TE, 2 WR, 2 MLB, 2 DT) except for FB and K/P. 

  • 99 MLB Ray Lewis (24 HR Boss)
  • 99 MLB Ray Lewis (Ultimate Legend)
  • 95 MLB Ray Lewis (Tackling Edition)
  • 87 MLB Ray Lewis (Power Edition)
  • 77 MLB Ray Lewis (Speed Edition)
  • Nick Name "Ray Ray" Collectible
  • The Ultimate Team Middle LB Collectible
  • 99 WR Larry Fitzgerald (Ultimate Legend)
  • 84 WR Larry Fitzgerald (Speed Edition)
  • 83 WR Larry Fitzgerald (Catching Edition)
  • 74 WR Larry Fitzgerald (Power Edition)
  • Nick Name "Fitz" Collectible
  • The Ultimate Team Wide Receiver Collectible
  • 99 HB Walter Payton (48 HR Only)


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