April's Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

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None of these will come as a shocker, but check out the list below for the top 10 most expensive cards as of May 1st that were released between April 1-30th. Check back on June 1st for a list of the top 10 most expensive cards from May.

#10 Ultimate Team Richard Sherman (1.2-1.5M)

#9 Golden Ticket Taylor Mays (1.4-1.5M)
#8 Golden Ticket Patrick Peterson (1.5-1.6M)
#7 Golden Ticket Charles Woodson (1.4-1.7M)
#6 Ultimate Legend Boss Rob Gronkowski (1.4-1.9M)
#5 Ultimate Legend Boss Derrick Brooks (1.6-1.9M)
#4 Ultimate Legend Boss Ray Lewis (1.7-8M)
#3 Ultimate Legend Boss Ed Reed (2-2.1M)
#2 Golden Ticket Calvin Johnson (2.2-2.5M)
 #1 Golden Ticket Deion Sanders (2.3-2.7M)

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