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Team of the Week 1

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on September 14 2015

Every Monday there are a total of 10 NFL players selected for Team of the Week based on their performances during the previous week. One of the players is only available in packs for 24 hours. The Team of the Week Hero is a set reward that can be completed by adding the remaining 8 players (including 2 elites) to the set.

There are 2 sets associated with each Team of the Week release. The first is the TOTW Hero set which requires four TOTW player items from packs and the Game of the Week collectible earned through the TOTW solo challenge. Completing the set unlocks that week's TOTW Hero player item. The other set takes in the 4 player items from packs not included in the Hero set and rewards one of the players needed for the Hero set.

Team of the Week 1 Ratings:

  • 91 WR Keenan Allen (Limited Edition)
  • 90 DT Aaron Donald (TOTW Hero)
  • 85 QB Marcus Mariota (Elite)
  • 85 CB Josh Norman (Elite)
  • 84 TE Tyler Eifert
  • 84 HB Chris Ivory
  • 83 WR James Jones
  • 82 SS Aaron Williams
  • 81 MLB Uani' Unga
  • 81 LOLB Alex Okafor

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