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5 Best Offensive Attributes

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 12 2017

madden mut 18 best offensive attributes

Hey guys, it's xRyan915, one of Mr. MUT Coin's Sponsors back again with another article and today we will be talking about the 5 most important attributes on offense.

We are going to start on the offensive side of the ball first and take a look at which attributes you should be looking for when browsing the auction house for upgrades! Now obviously with different positions, different attributes will matter, for example, an offensive linemen doesn’t need to rely on ball carrying moves but will definitely need to have run blocking, pass blocking and things of that nature. That being said, none of these 5 attributes are being ranked in order. All are important to have a generally good offense but I am not putting them in specific 1 to 5 order.

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#1: Speed/Acceleration - Ah yes, SPEED. Everybody loves speed! Ever since I could remember, speed has been one of the most important attributes in Madden history. If you have a guy that has 95 speed at running back and your opponent doesn’t have a fast defense, you should be well on your way to victory as it is very hard to contain speedy players. Taking a look at one of the fastest players currently in MUT 18, Barry Sanders. He comes in at 95 speed and 96 acceleration with a whole plethora of other great offensive attributes including juke move, spin move, catching and a ton more! The main threat of this card when it comes right down to it is he is just so fast! He is a very shifty and elusive running back and containing him is a complete nightmare on defense. I use the word contain because you can’t STOP him, you can only hope to contain him. Speed and acceleration in general, on both offense and defense are definitely one of, if not THE most important attributes in all of Madden 18. Speed and Acceleration matter from your QB, to your RB, to the WR’s and TE’s and even your offensive line. A pulling offensive guard must have the speed and acceleration to get out into the open field and lay that key block for you to take it to the house. Be sure to always look at the speed + accel rating when deciding if you should buy a new player!

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#2: Catching/Catch In Traffic - Another important set of attributes is definitely Catching and Catch In Traffic. How often in Madden 18 have you went for a possession catch and your player drops the ball in a frustrating fashion? This has to do with his catch in traffic rating combined with his base catching rating. If both of those ratings are right at or higher than 91 you will notice your players not dropping balls. If you see a new awesome card come out with 95 speed but you notice his catch rating is only in the high 80’s, you might want to just pass on it in favor of a different player. A guy like Larry Fitzgerald is the perfect example of this. He may only have a speed rating of 89 but taking a look at his catching and catch in traffic you can see he has both at 95. This means he will more than likely catch any ball thrown his way if he has a good shot at it. He will not drop important clutch throws in the 4th quarter when you need him the most. Now obviously catching and catch in traffic are important for your wide receivers and tight ends but another position you need to look at is running back. If you throw the ball out of the backfield a lot, your running back must have high catching. Obviously running backs won’t have the catch rating as most wide receivers and tight ends but you want to look for at least an 84 or above catch rating if you are the type of player who loves to get the ball to his running bacs.

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#3: Run Block/Pass Block - Now we’re going to take a look at the big guys up front. You will only go as far as your offensive line will take you in a clutch game. If you are getting constantly sacked and pressured instantly, you probably do not have a great offensive line. The run block and pass block rating are some of the most important ratings in the entire game for one simple reason, if those specific ratings are NOT at least above the 90 rating, the defenders on the other side of the ball will have a field day shedding through and getting to your running back and quarterback. If you have a Left Tackle with only 89 pass block and expect him to block the new TOTY Joey Bosa and give you time in the pocket to make a throw, you are sadly mistaken. You must ensure that your ratings are high to combat the sheer dominance of some of these better defensive linemen and linebackers that are coming out weekly in Madden 18. Another important thing you should look for in your offensive line is if they have the Secure Pass Blocker ability. This will ensure that block sheds and finesse/power moves will not immediately beat your player for a quick sack!

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#4 Throw Power/Accuracy - I am combining all the passing attributes into one here and breaking down why each are important. Obviously the Throw Power of your QB will matter depending on the style you play. Are you more of a dink and dunk type player in Madden 18 or do you rely on your ability to dot your opponent down field with deep passes to the middle of the field? Do you like to throw to the sidelines and frustrate your opponent with tip toe sideline catches? Depending on your style, there is most certainly a QB for you in MUT 18. A guy like Flashback Aaron Rodgers will give you almost everything you need in a QB. He has great Throw Power combined with amazing Throw Short, Medium and Deep all in one, but what if you can’t afford somebody like him? Well obviously you’ll have to choose a player that fits your style. Short Accuracy is important if you want to make a lot of quick throws to your running back out of the backfield or to your receivers and tight ends on quick slants. Medium Accuracy is great if you want to make passes down the seam, or quick out routes for clutch first downs. Deep Accuracy matters for when you need to make a deep throw on a post or a very long deep out route to catch your opponent off guard, but be aware of those 91 zone corners prowling around out there! Deep Accuracy is one of the attributes that you should be careful with, just because your QB may have 90+ deep accuracy does not mean he will put the ball on the money every single time. Zone coverage is it’s own animal when it comes to important ratings which we will cover next week when we break down the most important defensive attributes!

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#5 Ball Carrier Moves - Last but not least are ball carrier moves like Juke, Spin and Trucking! You will need these attributes to counter your opponents defensive abilities like Unfakeable, Secure Tackler and more! Are you not able to Spin around and Unfakeable user controlled defender? Be sure to always have a second option at running back that has a completely different style than your main player. If you are more of a speed back type user than you most definitely want to get a guy like Derrick Henry or Legarrette Blount to play behind your starter so you can TRUCK that pesky Unfakeable Linebacker or Safety right into the turf/grass. Unfakeable is definitely hard to counter but with a guy who can run over those types of players you will easily be able to frustrate your opponent and keep moving the ball down his throat. Now let's talk about Juke moves and spin moves. Are you tired of running into Ray Lewis or Luke Kuechly and instantly getting tackled no matter what you do? If we go back to when we were talking about Barry Sanders earlier on in the article, this is the perfect time to utilize his abilities with the ball in his hands. Spinning and Juking in Madden 18 have been better than ever with the ability to not only fake out just one defender, but MULTIPLE defenders. If you have 88 or higher juke / spin move you can completely dominate your opponent and make him look silly. As of the latest patch they have toned down the effectiveness of these two ratings but they are still a very good option when trying to fake a defender out of his shoes. You definitely want to combine speed and acceleration with these two attributes to ensure you have the ultimate speed back or receiver on your team. Don’t just settle for pure speed when it comes to a running back or receiver. Make sure you always look at the other ratings to make sure if it’s the correct player for you. Everybody has their own style and hopefully everything I covered in today’s article will help you become a better Madden player and make good decisions when it comes to choosing the right cards for your team. 

Be sure to check back next week for the 5 most important defensive attributes. As always this has been xRyan915 with all of your MUT tips and trick needs! Use code Ryan for 15% off when purchasing coins here.

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