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AKA New Class

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on January 16 2023

The AKA Program made its big return to Madden Ultimate Team today after a short break and this time we're focusing on the "New Class" of current players with cool nicknames. Kicking off Part 2 of AKA today we have Lamar "Big Truzz" Jackson, Tyreek "Cheetah" Hill, J.J. "Milk Man" Watt, A.J. "Quadfather" Dillon, Stephon "Gilly Lock" Gilmore, Jamal "Prez" Adams, Ryan "Red Tornado" Jensen, and Jamie "Scottish Hammer" Gillan. Today's AKA New Class release includes solo challenges, sets, and of course, a Training reroll.

AKA New Class Champions come with a special X-Factor that starts activated and re-activates every 5 plays after it has been deactivated. There are 2 exceptions to this rule since offensive linemen and kickers/punters do not have X-Factors (Jensen and Gillan). For the 96 OVR Champion versions of these two players, there is a special Motivator Chemistry that boosts specific ratings to a few position players on your team. Check out the players and their special X-Factors and Motivator Chems below:

AKA Players

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