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AKA New Class

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on February 06 2023

A new batch of 97 OVR AKA players released today in Madden Ultimate Team! Vikings free safety Harrison "Hit Man" Smith is the LTD this week, meaning he can only be found in packs until 10 AM ET on Wednesday, February 8th. Along with a 350,000 Coin quicksell value, the 97 OVR LTD AKA comes with 2 different special X-Factors to choose from instead of just 1 (Run Stuffer or Avalance).

DeAndre Hopkins aka "D-Hop" joins Harrison Smith in this week's AKA release and it's interesting EA chose to go with "D-Hop" over "Nuk" as his nickname, but I'm guessing NUK was difficult to use since it's a name brand. Either way, Hopkins is always fun to use in MUT, especially with Route Tech (1 AP) and Short In Elite  (0 AP).

Rounding out the new AKA players today is Browns cornerback Denzel Ward aka "The Warden". A few different KO abilities available for 1 AP paired with 0 AP Pick Artist makes Ward a strong presence on anyone's team, but the most noteworthy attribute of Ward's is his 97 OVR SPD. Before "The Warden", only Tyreek "Cheetah" Hill came with a stock SPD rating of 97 in MUT 23.

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