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Biggest Cheat In Madden

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 30 2017

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Hey guys! I am xRyan915, one of Mr. MUT Coin's Sponsors and I will be writing up weekly blog posts to give you tips, advice, and secrets to take your team to the next level!

Today we are going to go over the John Madden Tier 3 Coach in Madden 18 Ultimate Team. The Tier 3 version is definitely the rarest and most coveted item in the game as it gives your entire team +1 in every single stat! Combine this coach with some Motivator players and Chemistry Boosts and you’re looking at up a +3 overall boost. For example if you combine the coach item with Motivators Von Miller your entire defense will have a +3 boost in Block Shedding! That is a HUGE upgrade! If you combine it with Motivators Tyrann Mathieu you will have +3 to Zone Coverage for your entire squad! This will make players who are stuck at 88 Zone Coverage be able to jump all the way to 91 that everybody desires! It makes average players elite! Obtaining the John Madden coach is a lengthy but WORTH IT process in which you must play MUTSquads with friends. Winning games is key! The more games you win, the more Squads Tokens you will receive and the closer you will get to obtaining Tier 1 John Madden. Pictured below is the boosts you get with the Tier 1 Version.

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As you can see, with just TIER 1 of this great coach you will receive a boost to highly desired stats like SPEED, ZONE COVERAGE and HIT POWER. Every single player on your squad will receive these boosts. Mostly every player on your team will receive a boost in overall and more than likely it will upgrade your teams overall +1. To obtain this item you must add every Tier 3 normal head coach into the set. You can acquire these coaches by either upgrading them from Tier 1 to Tier 3 using Silver and Gold Tokens or you can use 25 of your Silver Squad Tokens to obtain a Tier 3 coach via the MUT Squads sets pictured below!

buy mut 18 coins for madden 18

800 Silver Squads Tokens total will be needed from scratch to obtain Tier 1 John Madden and from there you can work on upgrading him to Tier 2. Pictured below is the Tier 2 John Madden’s additional boosts he gives. You get every boost from Tier 1 PLUS the new additional boosts!

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Now you see more coveted stat boosts that players desire such as Short and Medium Throw Accuracy, Pass and Run Block, Power & Finesse Move and Block Shed! This will boost your entire offensive line, your QB, and everybody on your defense! To obtain this version of John Madden you will need to add in your Tier 1 version plus 3 Elite Squads Tokens. Elite Squad Tokens are obtained by upgrading your Silver Tokens into Gold and then Gold into Elite! To obtain the Gold Tokens you must add 10 Silver Squads Tokens. 100 Silver Squads Tokens is what you will need to obtain 10 Gold Squads Tokens that you can then upgrade to get an Elite Squads Token. In total you need 300 Silver Squads Tokens to acquire the 3 Elite Tokens that you will need to get this fantastic Tier 2 Coach!

buy mut 18 coins for madden 18

Now we have the final version of John Madden. Tier 3! This is going to be a grind but to obtain the final version of this coach that is auctionable/tradeable (His value is over 5 million coins!) you must add in your Tier 2 John Madden Coach and 7 additional Elite Squads Tokens. This will cost you another 700 Silver Squads Tokens! With this version you get every upgrade in the game besides: Awareness, Stamina, Injury, Ball Carrier Vision, Release, Play Action, Impact Blocking, Play Recognition, Kick Power, Kick Accuracy, and Kick Return.

Overall, having this John Madden Tier 3 Coach gives you the biggest cheat in the game as you can pair him up with many different Motivator Players and boost your entire team to make them ridiculous! It is well worth the grind and if you enjoy playing the game and having fun, MUTSquads is a great place to have fun with friends and test out some new players and playbooks!

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