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Buy Madden Training Points

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on August 07 2018

Buy Madden MUT Training Points

Step 1:

Determine the amount of training points you are buying and the amount of cards you will need to post on the trade block (do not click the training points yet)

660,000 Training Points: 6 Players
550,000 Training Points: 
5 Players
440,000 Training Points: Players
330,000 Training Points:
 3 Players
220,000 Training Points:
 2 Players
110,000 Training Points: 
1 Player
50,000 Training Points: 
1 Player
22,000 Training Points: 1 Player
10,000 Training Points: 1 Player

Step 2:

Find a worthless player in your item binder. You may need more than one player depending on the amount of training that you purchased. Please enter the PLAYER NAME - OVR - TEAM - POSITION in the order form below.

how to buy madden mut training points

Step 3:

Post the players on the TRADE BLOCK for a time of 2 DAYS 2 HOURS and TEAM WANTED VIKINGS

Step 4:

Add the Training amount to your cart and checkout.

Step 5:

We will place offers on your players within 1-10 minutes. Accept the trades and then quicksell each card to receive your training.

Step 6:

 Please come to the website chat located in the lower right hand of the site if you have any questions or need any additional help.

Buy Madden MUT 23 Training Points at Mr MUT Coin

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