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Campus Heroes

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Posted on September 01 2022

The Campus Heroes Program is set to make its return to Madden Ultimate Team on Thursday, September 1st. This year's program features 90 OVR Champions Michael Crabtree and Derrick Johnson, 32x 87 OVR All-Conference Heroes, and an upgradable Tim Tebow that can reach 87 OVR with a few discounted ability options to choose from at the end. A 90 OVR Ricky Williams will be available in packs for 48 hours. Also included in the Campus Heroes Program will be Sets, Challenges, Objectives, and House Rules: Traditional College OT. Check out the players and what we currently know about the Campus Heroes Program below:

Campus Heroes Players

Limited Edition (LTD)

The following LTD item will be available in packs when the program goes live until Saturday, September 3rd at 10am ET.

  • 90 Ricky Williams| HB | Power Back | Dolphins, Saints, Ravens
    • Goal Line Back (2 AP) or Backlash (1 AP)


  • 90 Michael Crabtree | WR | Slot | 49ers, Raiders, Ravens, Cardinals
    • Slot Apprentice (1 AP) or Mid In Elite (1 AP)
  • 90 Derrick Johnson | MLB | Field General | Raiders
    • Mid Zone KO (1 AP) or Lurker (1 AP)


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