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Flashbacks: Jordan Hicks

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 01 2019

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Jordan Hicks and Devonta Freeman are today's latest player items released in the Flashbacks Program. Both Hicks and Freeman take us back to 2015 when Hicks was an Eagle and Freeman was still with his only NFL team, the Falcons. Hicks is a Pass Coverage MLB with 91 TAK and 88 PUR. Freeman is an Elusive Back with 93 JKM, 92 AGI, and 90 SPD

  • 91 HB Devonte Freeman
  • 91 MLB Jordan Hicks

Flashbacks can be acquired from the Auction House or by purchasing a Flashbacks Pack in the store for 1,780 Training that will give you 1 random Flashback player item. For a full list of Flashbacks currently available, click here.


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