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Ghosts of Madden

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 22 2021

The Ghosts of Madden Program is now LIVE in Madden Ultimate Team! Ghosts of Madden players come in 3 different tiers: Future (92 OVR), Present (94 OVR), and Past (95 OVR). Ghosts can be earned by completing their sets and if you reach 50 Stars in the new "Snow Day" Challenges, you can earn a 92 OVR NCAT Ghost of Madden. A new Vince Lombardi Strategy Item can also be earned by completing Snow Day Challenges. This strategy item will boost the ratings of all Ghosts of Madden Players in your lineup.


Ghost LTDs

Ghost LTDs can be found in packs until Friday, December 24th at 10 am ET.

Ghosts of Madden Past

Out-of-position players like Hendricks and Perry do not have Power Ups. However, their ZC items can be upgraded +1 OVR for Training Points and can switch team chem to any team they have played for in a regular-season/playoff game.

If you already own Season 1 Devin Hester you will be able to upgrade that item directly using Training Points and by adding Hester's new Ghost of Madden item to reach 96 OVR. This item will still have all 32 team chems available.

If you do not own S1 Hester, you can use Hester's new Power Up to reach 96 OVR as well. However, you will only be able to select the teams Hester has played for during the regular season or playoffs.

Ghosts of Madden Present

Ghosts of Madden Future


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