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Ghosts of Madden Future

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 18 2019

As part of the Zero Chill Program, EA released Ghosts of Madden Future today as well as LTD Richard Sherman! You can acquire Ghosts of Madden Future by purchasing a 93 OVR Ghosts of Madden Future pack for 5,620 Kindling in the Store. This pack gives you 1x Random Ghosts of Madden Future player item. Ghost McLaurin can be acquired by finishing his Master set. Once you complete the Ghosts of Madden Future Set, you will receive Master Terry McLaurin (auctionable) and NAT versions of all 3 players used in the set (Bush, Lindstrom, and Burns).

Ghost of Madden Future Round 2

  • 94 RE Nick Bosa (Master)
  • 93 LG Elgton Jenkins
  • 93 HB Josh Jacobs
  • 93 CB DeAndre Baker

Limited Edition

  • 95 Daniel Jones (LTD)

Ghost of Madden Future Round 1

  • 94 WR Terry McLaurin (Master)
  • 93 MLB Devin Bush
  • 93 RG Chris Lindstrom
  • 93 LOLB Brian Burns

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