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Golden Tickets Week 5

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on May 07 2020

golden tickets madden mut

Taylor Mays, Lamar Jackson, and Trey Edmunds are today's latest Golden Tickets released in Madden Ultimate Team. Taylor Mays has been a community favorite since the earliest days of MUT with his combination of size, speed, and hit power. If you enjoyed his Theme Diamond item, you will love his Golden Ticket. While plenty of great QB options currently exist in MUT, few come close to the ratings GT Lamar has with his latest item. His 97 SPD, 99 AGI, 97 THP, 97 SAC, 97 MAC, and 98 DAC are just a few of the ratings that make him the ultimate dual-threat QB. Steelers theme-teamers are out in full force this year, evidenced by Zach Gentry and now Trey Edmunds. With 98 SPD, 98 ACC, 99 TRK, 99 ELU, 99 SPM, 99 JKM, and 99 BTK ratings, GT Trey Edmunds is easily one of the best HBs in the game currently.

  • 99 QB Lamar Jackson
  • 99 SS Taylor Mays
  • 99 HB Trey Edmunds

golden tickets madden mutgolden tickets madden mut

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