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Golden Tickets Week 7

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on May 21 2020

golden tickets madden mut

Golden Tickets are back with another round. Cam Newton, Jalen Ramsey, and Keith Bulluck are today's latest Golden Tickets released in Madden Ultimate Team. Compared to his Draft Heroes version, Cam Newton's Golden Ticket offers many small upgrades to physical and ball carrier ratings with the largest upgrades in MAC (+6), DAC (+7), and TUP (+7). Jalen Ramsey is a Man-to-Man CB with 97 SPD, 97 ACC, 99 JMP, 99 MCV, 99 ZCV, and 99 PRS ratings! Combine these latest ratings with Ramsey's size and you have one of the best CB's currently in MUT. Keith Bulluck is a Developer Golden Ticket and a Pass Coverage OLB with notable ratings of 92 SPD, 98 AWA, 98 PRC, 98 BSH, 97 TAK, 92 MCV, and 90 ZCV.

Golden Tickets are not Power Up eligible but will allow you to select Team Chemistry based on all the teams they played for during their career. All Golden Tickets will stay in packs for the remainder of the year with an increased chance of pulling them within the first 48 hours. Check out all of today's Golden Tickets and their full ratings below:

  • 99 CB Jalen Ramsey
  • 99 QB Cam Newton
  • 99 ROLB Keith Bullock

golden tickets madden mutgolden tickets madden mut

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