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Harvest Promo

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Posted on November 10 2022

Part 1 of the annual Harvest Program in Madden Ultimate Team has been revealed and is set to go live on Thursday, November 10th. In Part 1 we have 2x 93 OVR LTDs Players, 6x 90 OVR Game Day All-Stars that can reach 92 OVR based on their performance on Thanksgiving Day, 4x 93 OVR Champions, 6x 88 OVR Hungry Harvest Players that can be upgraded to 90 OVR, and plenty more 80-90 OVR Harvest Players!

The Harvest Program will have its own Field Pass with 22 different levels of rewards. New Solo Challenges and a House Rules event will also be included in Part 1 of Harvest. Check out everything we currently know below:

*This article is just a preview and is subject to change. Once content is live, player links and missing info will be added.

Harvest Players

Harvest LTDs

  • 93 Tariq Woolen | CB | Zone | Seahawks
    • Pick Artist (1 AP), Tip Drill (0 AP), Mid Zone KO (1 AP), or Deep Out Zone KO (2 AP)
  • 93 Zack Martin| RG | Power | Cowboys
    • Fool Me Once (0 AP), Post Up (1 AP), Secure Protector (1 AP), or Nasty Streak (1 AP)

Harvest Champions and Heroes

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