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Headliner LTDS

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Posted on August 18 2022

The first new Limited Edition Players (LTDs) of Madden Ultimate Team 23 were released into packs this morning! Jalen Hurts and DeMarcus Lawrence can both be found in packs now until Saturday, August 20th at 10am ET, including the 74+ and 78+ Headliners Training reroll packs in the Store. Eagles QB Jalen Hurts comes equipped with the Escape Artist X-Factor and Quickdraw Ability while DeMarcus Lawrence has Unstoppable Force X-Factor and No Outsiders equipped. If you like the LTD but not the X-Factor or Ability already equipped, MUT 23 now allows you to remove them and equip a new Ability in its place!

It looks like the new quicksell value for LTDs in MUT 23 is 350,000 Coins, so an LTDs value will never dip below that number. 

Headliners Limited Editions (LTD)

  • 89 Jalen Hurts | QB | Scrambler | Eagles
    • Escape Artist and Quickdraw (3 AP)
  • 89 DeMarcus Lawrence | LE | Run Stopper | Cowboys
    • Unstoppable Force and No Outsiders (2 AP)

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