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Heavyweights Week 4

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on November 24 2021

We are headed back to the trenches this week for Wildcard Wednesday with 5 new Heavyweights being added to MUT 22. Trent Williams, Quinnen Williams, Frank Clark, Erik McCoy, and Jonah Jackson have all received upgraded items today that can be found in the Heavyweights Player Pack located in the Store that costs 10,200 Training Points and contains a random 91+ OVR Heavyweights Player. Or, you can always purchase them from the Auction House for Coins.

Trent Williams is a Power LT with 90 STR, 92 RBK, and 92 PBK ratings. With so few great options at tackle currently available, you can expect to see Williams on more than just a Washington and 49ers Theme Team. Quinnen Williams, no relation to Trent, is a Run Stopper DT with 78 SPD, 92 BSH, and 89 PMV ratings. He will make for a nice upgrade to the center of all the newly-converted Jets fans' defensive lines.

Frank Clark is a Power Rusher RE that fits on both the Chiefs and Seahawks Theme Teams with notable ratings of 84 SPD, 90 ACC, and 93 PMV. Erik McCoy provides a welcome upgrade to the interior of the Saints offensive line over his 79 Core Gold item. McCoy is an Agile C Archetype with 88 STR, 92 RBK, 93 PBK ratings and also has a new Power Up in MUT. Like McCoy for the Saints, Jonah Jackson gives the Lions offensive line a much-needed boost at LG over his 80 Ovr. Jonah is a Pass Protector LG with 85 STR, 90 RBK, and 92 PBK ratings.


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