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How To Buy MUT Players

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on August 20 2021


how to buy a mut player

Step 1: 

In the PLAYERS SECTION of the website find the player you wish to purchase.

Step 2: 

Directly below you will enter the details of a worthless card from your Item Binder that you will be posting on the TRADE BLOCK. You will enter the Name, OVR, Team and POS of this player here and click either PS or XB depending on your system.

buy madden mut players

Step 3:

You will then post this worthless player on the TRADE BLOCK for 2 DAYS 2 HOURS & TEAM AS WANTED VIKINGS.

trade block madden mut

Step 4:

A member of the Mr. MUT Coin Staff will place a TRADE offer on the item you posted to the TRADE BLOCK. Verify that the offer matches the item that you ordered then choose to ACCEPT the trade. You'll now have the player you ordered!

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