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Legends Week 9

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on October 16 2021

For our Legends this Saturday, we have a familiar face with last year's Level Master, Andre Johnson, and one of the all-time great safeties, Ronnie Lott. Johnson provides a massive upgrade at WR for his previous teams, especially the Texans and Coolts. He is a Physical WR Archetype with LTD/Power Up ratings of 92 SPD, 93 DRR, 92 MRR, and 93 JMP.

The rich get richer as the Raiders add another great safety to an already stacked secondary with Ronnie Lott. The Jets had plenty of help at safety already but the 49ers should be more than happy to upgrade their 82 and 78 OVR safety combo. Lott is a Run Support FS with LTD/Power Up ratings of 93 SPD, 94 POW, 93 ZCV, and 91 TAK. Just be careful with Lott in Man Coverage since he only has an 81 MCV rating.

  • 93 WR Andre Johnson
  • 93 FS Ronnie Lott

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