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Legends Week 17

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 18 2021

The Cowboys are certainly on a roll this week as Tony Romo makes his MUT 22 debut today with the Legends Program. He will pair nicely on the Cowboys Theme Team with recently released wide receivers Zero Chill Michael Irvin and Stocking Stuffer CeeDee Lamb. Romo is a Field General QB with 82 SPD, 95 THP, 95 TUP, and 94 SAC-MAC-DAC ratings on his fully upgraded Power Up and LTD items. At 96 OVR, Romo can equip 2x Tier 3 Abilities like HRM for 2 AP, Gunslinger for 5 AP, or Fearless for 2 AP. If you don't opt for Gunslinger, then you should consider Set Feet Lead with his first Ability Slot for 2 AP.

Brian "Weapon X" Dawkins joins Romo as our other Legend for this weekend. Brian Dawkins is a Zone FS Archetype with 95 SPD, 94 ACC, 96 POW, and 95 ZCV ratings on his fully upgraded Power Up and LTD items. Dawkins works on an Eagles or Broncos Theme Team and can get strong safety as a secondary position with his Power Up or LTD.

  • 96 QB Tony Romo
  • 96 FS Brian Dawkins
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