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Legends Week 1

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on August 30 2022

The Legends Program made its Madden Ultimate Team 23 debut today and it comes with a few big changes. If you're familiar with Power Ups from previous years, this is currently the only place you will find them in MUT 23, with the Legends Program. Complete a player's solo challenge sequence (3 Challenges) to earn their 79 OVR Power Up item and start upgrading!

Along with a Power Up item earned from challenges, each player has 3 Boom versions (81, 83, and 85 OVR), a Season item (87 OVR), and a Boss version (89 OVR). Add each version to the player's Power Up path to continuously upgrade his OVR until reaching 89 OVR. Each player item that is 85, 87, and 89 OVR comes with an Ability baked onto the item, but it does not become discounted until added to the player's Power Up. As you add the 85-89 OVR versions to the Power Up, the ratings and newly discounted Ability from each item will transfer to the player's Power Up.



*The Ability listed for 85-89 OVRs reflects the AP cost AFTER adding the item to the player's Power Up.

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