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Posted on September 02 2021

EA Sports released a pair of speedy LTD items today in Madden Ultimate Team 22 with Darren Waller and Devin White. Waller is a Vertical Threat TE with 88 SPD, 91 CTH, 91 SRR, and 90 SPC ratings. His 88 SPD rating ties him with Kyle Pitts as the fastest tight end currently available in MUT.

Devin White is a Field General MLB with 89 SPD, 89 ACC, 91 TAK, 90 POW, and 89 PRC ratings. LTD White comes into MUT as the fastest MLB available and while linebackers aren't highly sought after in MUT, the SPD rating on White is going to be hard to pass up this early in the game.

  • 91 TE Darren Waller
  • 91 MLB Devin White

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