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Limited Editions Week 11

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on November 11 2021

Our LTD players for this Thursday are 49ers RE Nick Bosa and Panthers WR Robby Anderson. Nick Bosa is a Speed Rusher RE with 85 SPD, 93 ACC, 95 FMV, 92 BSH, and 90 TAK ratings. If you're running a 49ers Theme Team, Bosa is a must-have item due to his ability to get LE, LOLB, and ROLB secondary positions with his Power Up.

Robby Anderson is a Deep Threat WR with 94 SPD, 94 DRR, 92 SPC, and 92 CTH ratings. With his speed and deep route running, Anderson will find a spot on more teams than just a Panthers Theme Team.

Today's LTDs can be found in packs until 10 AM ET on Saturday, November 13th. All LTD items have quicksell values of 250,000 Coins. So, their value will never dip below that number.

Check out the players and their full ratings below:

Limited Editions

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