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Limited Editions Week 8

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on October 21 2021

Justin Herbert and Byron Jones are this week's new Limited Edition (LTD) Thursday Players in Madden Ultimate Team and each can be found in packs until Saturday, October 23rd at 10 AM ET. Herbert's new LTD is a Field General QB and does get the Hot Route Master Ability in his 3rd Ability Slot, along with Set Feet Leader in his 2nd Slot. He may not be quite as accurate or get the exact same Abilities as Master Marino, but Herbert's 85 SPD gives him a bit more elusiveness than Dan currently provides.

Byron Jones is a Zone CB Archetype with notable ratings of 91 SPD, 93 ACC, 93 JMP, and 92 ZCV. Jones can also play FS as well since it's one of his Power Up's available secondary positions. Byron Jones can fit on a Dolphins or Cowboys Theme Team, with the Dolphins receiving the most help from Jones.

  • 93 QB Justin Herbert
  • 93 CB Byron Jones

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