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Limited Editions Week 9

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on October 28 2021

James Robinson and Kenny Clark are this week's LTD Thursday players and both items can be found in packs until Saturday, October 30th at 10 AM ET. James Robinson is a Power Back HB from the Jaguars with 91 SPD, 93 ACC, 94 TRK, and 93 BTK ratings. If you're running a Jags Theme Team, this new Robinson's bruiser-back style will pair well with RS Etienne and his elusive style.

If you're running a Packers Theme Team or you were already using Kenny Clark before today, his LTD provides a +10 OVR upgrade and will help shore up the interior D-Line. Clark is a Run Stopper DT with 70 SPD, 94 STR, 94 BSH, 93 PUR, and 93 PRC ratings.

Check out the new LTDs and their full ratings below:

  • 94 HB James Robinson
  • 94 DT Kenny Clark

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