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MUT 25 News Update

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on June 14 2024

Ultimate Team

Build your dream football roster in more ways than ever and utilize new customization options for your powerhouse team of NFL Superstars and NFL Legends. 

In Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Team, winning matters more than ever. With the new Head to Head Ranked mode, only wins can improve your rank. Earning Rank Points will move you up or down Divisions with not only a new level of competition, but a new level of rewards. Win games, earn rewards, rise through the ranks all the way to the Legends Division, an exclusive level of competition reserved for the top 100 Ultimate Team players.

In Solo Seasons, players can play full games against AI opponents of escalating difficulty to progress from the regular seasons, into the playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl. Providing an endless challenge, solo players can play as much as they want without waiting for the next content update. 

Although, with more seasons than ever in Madden NFL 25, players will never have to wait long for new content. As the NFL season progresses, Ultimate Team will be updated with new, relevant, and responsive content. Even after the Super Bowl, Ultimate Team will still have a full slate of content updates all the way up to the launch of Madden NFL 26.

6-on-6 Live Events will bring small-sided football into Madden NFL Ultimate Team. For the first time ever, players can take their Ultimate Team squad into 6-on-6 matchups. With fewer players on the field, your roster strategy and game plan can be completely different. 

In addition to new ways to compete, the Ultimate Team lineup screen has received a complete overhaul to further streamline the management of your roster. With tools like Lineup Improvement suggestions, drag and drop substitutions, and team boosts all brought to the forefront, unlocking the full potential of your Ultimate Team will be easier than ever.

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