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Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on October 25 2023

Mr. MUT Coin has been the safest and most experienced place to buy MUT Coins for over 10 years.

We are writing this post because its unfortunate that other sites out there flat out lie and throw around the term "no bans" just to get sales. This upsets us because it confuses a lot of new players and turns them off from coin buying as a result

We often like to joke but are completely serious when we say please go buy off some of these other sites and get yourself banned and that way when you have to start from scratch you can come to us and give us more business :)

We take great pride in GUARANTEEING no bans at Mr. MUT Coin. If you ever get banned with us we will gladly refund your money or replace your team but that has never happened.

We have an exclusive delivery system to ensure no bans and more so we are based in America and will gladly talk with you on the site, the phone or over text to walk you through everything.

Buy cheap safe mut coins at MrMUTCoin. 

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