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Play Madden MUT 25 Early

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on May 29 2024

Playing Madden NFL 25 early involves leveraging a few strategies that can give you access before the official release date. Here are some methods you can consider:

1. Pre-Order the Game

Pre-ordering Madden NFL 25 can sometimes grant you early access to the game. Many game publishers offer early access as a pre-order bonus. Check the specific details on platforms like EA Sports, Amazon, or your preferred gaming retailer.

2. EA Play Membership

EA Play is a subscription service that provides members with early access to many EA games, including Madden NFL 25. Here’s how you can take advantage of this:

  1. Subscribe to EA Play: Sign up for an EA Play membership through your console's store (PlayStation Store or Xbox Store) or on your PC (via Origin or Steam).
  2. Access the Trial: EA Play members often get access to a trial version of new games a few days before the official release. This trial typically allows you to play the game for a limited number of hours.
  3. MONDAY AUGUST 12th is the earliest you can play Madden 25 with EA Access.

3. Special Editions

Sometimes, purchasing a special or deluxe edition of the game offers early access. These editions may come at a higher price but provide additional benefits like in-game currency, special packs, and early access. Check the official Madden NFL 25 website or your retailer for details.

4. Participate in Betas or Early Access Programs

Game developers occasionally release beta versions or early access programs to gather feedback and test the game. These are usually available by signing up on the developer's website or through special promotions.

  1. Sign Up for Beta Access: Keep an eye on the official Madden NFL 25 website or EA Sports' announcements for any beta testing opportunities.
  2. Follow Social Media: Follow Madden NFL and EA Sports on social media platforms for announcements regarding early access programs or beta tests.

5. Change Your Console Region

On consoles like Xbox, you can sometimes access games early by changing your console's region to a country where the game is already released. This method is more speculative and can be hit or miss depending on the game's regional release schedules.

  1. Change Region: Go to your console settings and change the region to a country where the game is already available.
  2. Purchase and Download: Purchase and download the game from the new region's store.


By using these strategies, you can potentially get your hands on Madden NFL 25 before the official release date. Pre-ordering, subscribing to EA Play, purchasing special editions, participating in beta tests, and changing your console's region are all viable methods. Always ensure that you're following legitimate methods to avoid any issues with your account or game access.

Enjoy your early gaming experience and remember you can buy and sell mut 25 coins at MrMUTCoin.

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