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Series 5

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Posted on February 06 2020

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Series 5 was added to Madden Ultimate Team today which includes new level rewards, player items, sets, solos, alternate uniforms, and missions. The maximum MUT level has been increased from 80 to 90 and all Series 4 Trophies have been converted to Series 5 Trophies (100 S4 Trophies=50 S5 Trophies). A new Collectible for Coach Madden can be found in the Store for 1,000 Series 5 Trophies (7 total). Check below for a breakdown of what's new in each category:

 Level Rewards

The following rewards are unlocked at each level:

Level 81- Unlock 2 different packs in the store.
-Theme Diamond Pack: Costs 15,000 Coins or 2,400 Training. Choice of an 85-88 OVR Theme Diamond Player.
-Premium Pack: Costs 350 Points. Choice of a 90 OVR Full Legend Player.
Level 82- Legends Fantasy Pack
Level 83- Level Master Holt Upgrade Token and New Level Challenges
Level 84- 45,000 Coin Quicksell
Level 85- 96 OVR Power Up Pass
Level 86- Unlock 2 different Packs in the Store.
-Theme Diamond Pack: Costs 22,000 Coins or 3,350 Training. Choice of an 89 OVR Theme Diamond Player.
-Premium Pack: Costs 400 Points. Choice of a 91 OVR Full Legend Player.
Level 87- Legends Fantasy Pack
Level 88- Level Master Holt Upgrade Token and New Level Challenges
Level 89- 45,000 Coin Quicksell
Level 90- 97 OVR Power Up Pass



The new Series 5 Competitive Master is Joey Bosa. He can be acquired through the Store for 2,000 Series 5 Trophies or 1,050 Series 5 Trophies for his NAT version.

  • 97 LE Joey Bosa

MUT 20 Level Master Torry Holy can now reach 97 OVR. Level Master Upgrade Tokens are earned at MUT levels 83 and 88.

MUT 20 Master Pat Tillman can now reach 97 OVR. Tillman can be upgraded if you have both the Image and Border Tokens or by spending Training.


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