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Team Diamonds

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Posted on October 18 2022

All 32 NFL Team Diamonds Players were revealed today and have been announced to go live in MUT 23 on Wednesday, October 19th, featuring a 96 OVR John Elway as the Champion! Team Diamonds in MUT is always a highly-anticipated program as each NFL team receives a new legendary player to help the theme team. If you're running a Legends Theme Team, you have 33 potential options coming to MUT. Check out each team's player and what we currently know about the Team Diamonds program below:

Team Diamonds Players


  • 96 John Elway | QB | Field General | All 32 NFL Teams and Legends Chem
    • Slinger 1 Release
    • Hot Route Master (3 AP), Set Feet Lead (2 AP), Gunslinger (1 AP), or Fearless (1 AP)

All of the following players can equip Legends Team Chemistry and provide a rating boost to every player in your lineup with Team Chemistry that matches the team that the Team Diamonds Player represents in this program. For example, Matt Forte will boost ACC +1 to all Bears in your lineup, but not Jets. Team Diamonds Players get x2 Team Chemistry Components for the team they represent in this program as well. Again, Matt Forte gets x2 Bears but only x1 Jets Team Chemistry.

Program Details

  • 32 Team Diamonds solo challenges (one per player)
  • 92 OVR Team Diamonds players can be earned by completing the player's set
  • Sets will consist of specific players from the Team Diamond player's team
  • Completing each Team Diamond set will reward a collectible
  • Redeem all 32 collectibles to earn 96 OVR Team Diamonds Champion John Elway
  • An alternate uniform set will be added that requires 1x 74 OVR Player and allows you to choose 1 of the 32 new alternate uniforms available in MUT 23
  • Team Captains will be able to upgrade to 91 OVR by completing challenges after Team Diamonds goes live

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