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Team Diamonds 2

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on March 30 2023

The second installment of the Team Diamonds Program was revealed this morning on GMM and is scheduled to go live on Thursday, March 30th. Team Diamonds 2 will include 1x 98 OVR Team Diamonds Champion for each NFL Team, a 99 OVR SS Isaiah Pola-Mao challenge reward, and a Team Captain upgrade token that will boost your Captain to 98 OVR. The upgrade token can be earned by completing the new Team Diamonds Solo Challenges.

Check out all of the Team Diamonds Players, their motivator chem, and their free ability options below:

Team Diamonds Players

*All Team Diamonds 2 Players will come with the new Tier 2 and Tier 3 ability buckets. The new buckets still have the same unlock requirements, but every unlocked ability now costs just 1 AP, with the following exceptions that cost more: Threat Detector (2 AP), Hot Route Master (2 AP), Pass Lead Elite (2 AP), Film Study (2-3 AP), Inside Shade (3-4 AP), Outside Shade (2-3 AP), and One Step Ahead (4-5 AP). 

Challenge Reward

Team Diamonds

*TD2 98 OVR Champions come with x2 Team Chemistry for the team they represent in the program and a +1 Motivator Chemistry that boosts all players from the same team equipped in your lineup.

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