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Team Masters

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on April 15 2021

A new program in the Team Affinity series dropped in MUT today called "Team Masters", featuring a 99 OVR Team Master for each of the 32 NFL teams! Besides simply being 99 OVR, today's new Masters all get x2 Team Chemistry as an added benefit.

Team Masters is a set-based program, meaning there are no challenges associated with it and player rewards are only attainable by completing their respective set.

32 99 OVR Team Masters are set for release on Friday April 16th 2020. For pictures and stats you can check out our Instagram!



In order to earn Team Masters, you must complete their respective set. All 32 sets require 1x 98 OVR Team Diamond, 1x 95 OVR Team Standout, 1x 92 OVR Team Builder, and 1x 91 OVR Team Builder from the Master's NFL team to earn your 99 OVR Team Master and a NAT version of the 98 OVR Team Diamond player used in the set. Check out an example below:

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