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Team of the Week 13

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 07 2021

Team of the Week 13 has arrived in MUT and brings us LTD DeVante Parker, Player of the Week George Kittle, and Legendary Champions Boomer Esiason and Mike Rucker. George Kittle is our Week 13 Player of the Week after his 9 catches for 181 yards and 2 TDs against the Seahawks left the 49ers just short, falling by a score of 23-30. Kittle is a Possession TE with 89 SPD, 93 CTH, 92 SPC, and 92 SRR ratings.

DeVante Parker is our LTD for Week 13 and is a Physical WR Archetype with 92 SPD, 95 JMP, 95 CTH, 95 CIT, and 95 SPC ratings. He might be able to help a Dolphins Theme Team with depth at WR, but that's about it. Mike Rucker is the Week 13 Defensive Champion and is a Power Rusher RE with 85 SPD, 95 BSH, 94 PMV, and 93 STR ratings. Like Parker, Rucker works best on his Panthers Theme Team.

Boomer Esiason is this week's Offensive Champion and is a Strong Arm QB Archetype with 82 SPD, 94 THP, 94 DAC, and 94 PAC ratings. Esiason can get the Gunslinger Ability with his TOTW item, but most people will probably opt for his fully-upgraded Power Up so they can equip Pass Lead Elite in Slot 2 and Escape Artist in Slot 3. OK, Boomer!

TOTW 13 Players

*Player of the Week and both Champions can be acquired by completing their sets. LTD DeVante Parker can be found in packs until 12/9 at 10 AM ET. Players with higher OVR items than their TOTW items in MUT receive +1 OVR to their existing Power Up (Johnson, Suh, Michel, and Moore II).

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