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Team Standouts

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on October 08 2020

team standouts madden mut

A new program released in MUT today under Team Affinity called "Team Standouts". All teams are represented in today's program with an 89 OVR Standouts player item for a player that has stood out for their team through the first 4 weeks of the NFL season. Every player that has been selected as the Standout for their respective team now has a Power Up item in the game as well! Check below to see all of the Team Standouts, set requirements, and new solo challenges available.


Along with the following new Team Standout player items, each player who did not previously have a Power Up item in MUT now has one. You can view each player's Power Up by clicking their Standouts player item below and selecting "Power Up" under "Other Versions". 

team standouts madden mutteam standouts madden mut

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