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Top 10 TOTW Players

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Posted on December 01 2022

Top 10 Team of the Week Players in MUT 23

1. 96 OVR George Kittle (TE)

Outside of Season 3 Gronk (which isn’t really out yet), Kittle is the best TE in MUT right now. He can do it all. He has 94 speed, great route running (93 SRR, 95 MRR, 92 DRR), and 93 run block which is comparable to respectable offensive linemen. He has some of the best ability discounts too. He can equip Short In Elite for 0 AP at the same time as TE Apprentice for just 1 AP.

2. 96 OVR Darrell Revis (CB)

Revis somehow has 7 unique items already in MUT 23, and this is clearly the best one. He’s tied with a few other players as the fastest CB in the game with 96 speed. He’s extremely versatile and can succeed in any defensive scheme with his 96 man coverage, 96 zone coverage, and 97 press. He also has top-end agility (97) and change of direction (97) that help him stick with his assignment in man coverage. Finally, he can equip Pick Artist for 0 AP at the same time as Flat Zone KO (1 AP) or Short Route KO (1 AP). Revis will likely have the most success for you on the outside in a Cover 2 defensive scheme with Pick Artist and Flat Zone KO for 1 AP total.

3. 96 OVR T.Y. Hilton (WR)

Like Revis, T.Y. Hilton is extremely versatile as well. He makes up for what he lacks in height in almost everything else. The only faster WR than T.Y. is the new Cheetafrom the AKA program. Hilton has all of the top-end WR ratings you would expect, and some of the best ability discounts in MUT. He can equip Short Out Elite for 0 AP which is phenomenal on the outside against man press coverage. He also can equip Slot-O-Matic for just 1 AP which helps him win his matchup any time he is lined up in the slot.

4. 96 OVR Michael Thomas (WR)

At number 4, we have another WR that’s very similar to Hilton. Michael Thomas is comparable to Hilton in both ratings and ability discounts. He’s one speed point slower, but Thomas is 6’3”, which is definitely nice to have at WR. Thomas gets the same 0 AP Short Out Elite discount as Hilton to help against man press on the outside. He can equip your choice of Deep Out Elite for 1 AP or WR Apprentice for 1 AP in a separate slot. We don’t feel either is quite as valuable as Slot-O-Matic for 1 AP, so that’s why Hilton got the higher ranking.

5. 96 OVR Damien Lewis (LG)

Lewis is currently the best left guard in Madden Ultimate Team. He has great blocking ratings (95 RBK, 94 PBK, 96 IBL) and he’s 327 pounds, which is pretty big for a guard. Lewis has several ability discounts that are worth considering, but the best combination is probably Secure Protector for 1 AP with Nasty Streak for 1 AP as well.

6. 96 OVR Terrell Suggs (LOLB)

In a world without 1 AP Edge Protectors everywhere, Suggs could be on top of this list. The ratings are everything you want in a pass rusher: 92 SPD, 96 ACC, 95 FMV, 96 PMV, 98 POW, 96 BSH, and more. He also can equip the Edge Threat + Double or Nothing combo for just 2 AP total. If you play a lot of CPU games or your opponents somehow aren’t running Edge Protector, Suggs will break sack records for you. Even against Edge Protector, Suggs is one of your best options and a great pass-rusher for just about any lineup.

7. 97 OVR Austin Ekeler (HB)

Ekeler is a great MUT item and the only 97 OVR player that’s currently obtainable in Madden Ultimate Team. He just suffers from an abundance of great HBs at lower price points. It’s hard to justify running Ekeler over the new A.J. Dillon at the peak of Quadfather mania. That said, Ekeler is the best receiving back in the game right now, and he might be the best option for your offense. His best ability combo is likely Evasive for 0 AP with Short In Elite or Backfield Master for 1 AP.

8. 95 OVR Rayshawn Jenkins (SS)

Jenkins is the only 95 OVR player to make our list. With 94 speed, 96 zone coverage, 95 hit power, and 91 man coverage, he has a lot of what you’re looking for in safety ratings. He can equip Pick Artist for 0 AP along with Tackle Supreme for just 1 AP, which can help those of you struggling to bring down the Quadfather.

9. 96 OVR Tim Brown (WR)

Brown is the third WR to make our top 10 list. He’s a great player and only a slight downgrade from T.Y. Hilton as a slot WR. Brown gets the same 1 AP Slot-O-Matic as Hilton, but he’s missing a second great ability discount to pair with it. WR Apprentice for 1 AP can be helpful, however, it’s less and less valuable as more QBs with Hot Route Master at a reasonable AP cost are being released. Short Out Elite for 1 AP is also worth considering, but keep in mind that several WRs are getting it for 0 AP at this point.

10. 96 OVR Micah Hyde (FS)

Hyde has great safety ratings like 95 speed, 96 zone coverage, 95 play recognition, and more. He’s missing the 0 AP Pick Artist that has become a staple on all top-end DBs at this point, but he still has some good options. In his first custom ability bucket, he has Deep Out Zone KO (1 AP), Pick Artist (1 AP), and Tip Drill (0 AP). His second custom ability bucket contains Flat Zone KO (1 AP) and Mid Zone KO (1 AP). For some reason (EA likely copied chemistry from his Team Affinity item), he can also equip all AFC East team chems along with Packers chem, which makes him sought-after by several theme teams.

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