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Top 5 QBs In Madden 19

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on May 03 2018

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Hello everybody. Over the course of the next two weeks I, xRyan915, will be going over the expected top 5 players at each position in Madden 19 Ultimate Team.

Today we are going to go over the TOP 5 QB'S IN MUT 19! The QB position in Madden is always the centerpiece for your entire team. One might say it's the most important position in the game. You only go as far as your Quarterback can take you and these players we have here today are definitely some of the best QB's in the NFL and will be great Core Elite players to start off in Madden 19 Ultimate Team!


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Starting off we have a 3 way tie at 87 overall and the first player we will go over is Matt Ryan! I think Matt Ryan will be one of those QB's that doesn't do any ONE THING amazing but however he will be one of the most balanced QB's in the game. I think his combined Throw Power and Short, Medium and Deep Accuracy will be very well rounded and if you are able to get your hands on this card via the auction house or in a pack you will be very happy with it. Obviously the guys above him will be better but I think with Matt Ryan you will have a very balanced experience in MUT 19.


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Next up at 87 overall we have Drew Brees! I believe Brees will be one of the most accurate QB's in MUT 19 and somebody you will want if you are looking to be more of a pocket passer but can't afford the likes of Tom Brady. Brees will more than likely boast a weaker arm than most of the players in this list but his Short, Medium and Deep accuracy will be off the charts for a Core Elite player!


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Another 87 overall player and the last of the 3 way tie is going to be Russell Wilson. A lot like Drew Brees, his throw power may be lacking but his Short and Medium accuracy will be very good. His deep ball will leave a lot to be desired for but the reason you would choose Russell Wilson over Drew Brees and Matt Ryan will be because of his mobility. Wilson will take advantage of the new attribute known as "Break Tackle". His ability to shed a sack and scramble down field or make a key throw on the run will be the difference in a win or a loss on multiple occasions while using this card. He should boast a pretty good speed attribute, probably somewhere within the 84 to 86 mark. I definitely think Wilson will be one of the most fun players to use right out of the gate in MUT 19.


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Coming in at 88 overall is going to be none other than Super Bowl Champion Carson Wentz. The only thing that's weird is Carson Wentz didn't actually win the Eagles the Super Bowl it was actually his backup QB Nick Foles! But keep in mind, before Wentz's injury he was the leading candidate for NFL MVP. He was having an absolutely fantastic season and his MUT 19 card will show exactly what he is capable of with a similar skill set to Matt Ryan's card, he will more than likely be very balanced all around but to more of an extent than Ryan. I believe Wentz will have around 86 to 88 Throw Power, somewhere along the lines of 90 to 91 Short Accuracy, 90 to 91 Medium Accuracy and somewhere around 81 to 83 Deep Accuracy. He will flash a bit of mobility as well making his MUT 19 card one of the most desired in the game. Not quite on the level of Rodgers or Brady but definitely right below them in a tier of his own.


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At 90 overall is none other than Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. When discussing who the best QB in the NFL is, it's usually split right down the middle. Half of the people say Rodgers, half of the people say Brady. In my personal opinion, in Madden, Rodgers is the superior player. Not only will he have similar throwing attributes to Tom Brady but he will also have the mobility to go along with it. He won't exactly be able to turn on the jets and run for an 80 yard touchdown but he will have better than average ability to run the ball if needed. Rodgers will also come in with more than likely the biggest arm among top QB's with somewhere around the range of 88 to 90. His Short, Medium and Deep will all be in the high 80's to low 90's and his Throw on the run and Play Action will be great as well. Rodgers is definitely one of the top 2 QB's in the NFL and in Madden, if you get your hands on one early on you will be very happy!


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Last but certainly not least is going to be Tom Brady. Just like Rodgers, coming in at a 90 overall, you will not regret choosing him as your QB in MUT 19. Players who love to use Tom Brady have to keep in mind that Brady is a very stiff QB. He lacks any sort of mobility but more than makes up for it in everything else. He will easily be the most accurate QB in the game, boasting mid 90's in Short and Medium accuracy as well as having a decently high mid to high 80's in Deep Accuracy. Brady is absolutely surgical in the right hands and will make any casual MUT player better just by using his card.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel and check out more articles and videos on this series I am doing where I predict the TOP 5 PLAYERS AT EACH POSITION! Tomorrow I will go over the TOP 5 HB'S IN MUT 19! I will see you there!

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