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Zero Chill

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 30 2019

zero chill madden mut

The Zero Chill Program has returned to Madden Ultimate Team today with new players, sets, challenges, and store items. Today's content is only the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to check back each day for the latest news! Below you will find an overview of everything you need to know about the Zero Chill Program.

A new currency (Kindling) has been added to Ultimate Team for the Zero Chill Program. You can earn Kindling in Zero Chill Challenges and by quickselling Zero Chill Players. Kindling can be used to purchase Zero Chill packs and players in the store, similar to Training Points. When you first enter MUT, you will receive a Welcome Pack containing a MUT Tip worth 25 Kindling and a NAT 82 OVR Bruce Smith item.

Don't forget to earn your Team Captain Token for completing a few solos! (Details under Challenges)



The Zero Chill Master is 95 OVR Bruce Smith. You can acquire ZC Bruce Smith by completing his set that requires 94 ZC Christian McCaffrey, 93 ZC Derwin James, and 92 ZC Darius Leonard. Once completed, you will receive your choice of 1 NAT version of a player used in the set, plus 95 OVR Bruce Smith and his Power Up item.

  • 95 RE Bruce Smith (Master)
  • 95 HB Walter Payton (Master)


  • 95 FS Sean Taylor
  • 95 CB Richard Sherman

Gingerbread Masters

Earn the following Gingerbread Masters by completing their set (details under sets) by using Gingerbread Man Collectibles earned from Zero Chill Challenges.

  • 93 LOLB Ted Hendricks
  • 92 WR Amari Cooper
  • 91 HB Adrian Peterson

Zero Chill Players

  • 94 HB Christian McCaffrey
  • 94 LE Cameron Jordan
  • 94 C Jason Kelce
  • 93 CB Marcus Peterson
  • 93 WR DeSean Jackson
  • 93 SS Derwin James
  • 92 DT Arik Armstead
  • 92 RE Cameron Heyward
  • 92 LOLB Darius Leonard
  • 90 LT Anthony Castonzo
  • 90 TE Jordan Reed
  • 90 CB Nickell Robey-Coleman
  • 89 QB Mitch Trubisky
  • 89 DT Eddie Goldman
  • 88 MLB Eric Kendricks
  • 88 RE Mike Daniels

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