New Flashback, M25 Throwback, Seasons Pro & Ultimate Master Sets Coming "Soon Enough"

Posted by Mr. MUT Coin on

EA Sports has confirmed we will be getting new flashback, m25 throwback, seasons pro, and ultimate master sets coming “soon enough”. 

For those who have completed the MUT Master Set (Richard Sherman) and the MUT Road Master Set (Earl Thomas III) will recall that you were a given a non-tradable, non-quick sell collectible that will be going into the Grand Master Set for what I can imagine will either be used to earn the best player in the entire game or each person who finishes this collection will get an "golden ticket" that can be used on any player you want. My guess is it would be another 99 OVR Seahawks player, maybe a Kam Chancellor.

My source would not tell me any of the players in the new flashback, throwback, or seasoned vet sets, but he did confirm that we will be getting an Ultimate Legend Randy Mosscard which should make a lot of people happy. He should be released on either February 21 or March 7.

More information coming tomorrow and later in the week.

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