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5 Best Defensive Attributes

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on January 19 2018

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Hello guys, this is xRyan915 back again with the 2nd part of the 5 best attributes on offense and defense. Click here to check out the 5 best offensive attributes. Today we are covering the defense!

Your offense is definitely important but if you can’t keep your opponent out of the end zone you will not win games. We are going to cover pretty much everything important here in today’s article that will help you choose the correct player items to help you dominate your opponent on defense.

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#1 Zone Coverage - Madden 18 has been about one thing and one thing only on defense and that is, if you do not have 91 Zone Coverage in your secondary, you will not have a fun time. 91 Zone coverage is one of the most important attributes on defense to have and by now, nearly all the new players that release will have 91 or higher zone attributes. If you are struggling on defense, take a look at your Cornerbacks and Safeties and make sure each and every one of them has 91 or higher. You will notice a massive difference in play from your players when they have 91 Zone. They will jump routes a lot easier, they won’t get beat on sideline passes very often if they are playing in Cloud Flats (play underneath coverage and then play over top, this will put your corners into Cloud Flats in Cover 2). All in all this is probably the most important attribute to have on defense and even some Linebackers are capable of reaching the 91 threshold so be on the lookout for them!

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#2 Finesse Move / Power Move - Another key attribute to take a look at is the two main pass rushing attributes. Finesse/Power Move are very important for your D-LINE and Linebackers to ensure you can get off of a block and get to the Quarterback for a clutch sack. If you have a higher rating than the offensive linemen guarding you, you will be able to beat him consistently. Having a high Power Move rating will help you to overpower your opponents offensive linemen and run through him for a sack. Having a high Finesse Move will help you juke around the offensive linemen and get to the QB just like the greats from the past like Dwight Freeney and Michael Strahan. If you have higher Power Move or Finesse Move than an O-Linemen’s pass block you will be able to beat him on a consistent basis. Sometimes manually controlling your defenders will help you get to the QB easier but if the Finesse and Power Move are high, you won’t have to do this very often.

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#3 Tackling / Hit Power - These two ratings are extremely important if you want to be able to force fumbles and get clutch wrap up tackles in the backfield. With high Hit Power you will be able to cause a lot more fumbles if you get a nice clean hit stick that will jar the ball lose. Hit Power is at it’s most effectiveness if you are playing against a scat back like Barry Sanders or LeSean McCoy. If you are going against a smaller Running Back you will surely cause a lot of big hit fumbles and make your opponent think twice about running in your direction. The Tackle rating goes hand in hand with Hit Power, the higher your Tackle Rating is, the higher chance you have of wrapping up the ball carrier. Nothing is more annoying than having a Running Back shrug off your defender and continue to run down field for a touchdown. If you are playing against a big Running Back like Bo Jackson you definitely want to make sure you are controlling a defender with high Tackle because he will RUN THROUGH YOU.

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#4 Block Shedding - I could have put this in #3 but I feel like this attribute deserves it’s own paragraph. Block Shedding is one of the most important attributes in Madden 18 and every Madden before it. If your player has high Block Shedding he will be able to shed his way off of a block and stop a Running Back dead in his tracks before he even has time to make a move! Players like Mean Joe Greene who are LARGE players tend to have a lot of Block Shedding and do very well against the run. Block Shedding will also help you get to the quarterback from time to time as it seems like play action plays seem to cause defenders to utilize the Block Shed rating to get to the QB. I would highly recommend you to look for a Block Shed rating in the mid to high 90’s if you want to maximize it’s effectiveness.

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#5 Speed / Acceleration - Now don’t get me wrong, Speed and Acceleration are definitely way more important on offense than on defense but you still want to make sure your defenders can keep up with some of these insane cards coming out now a days. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use a player like Aqib Talib at this stage of Madden 18 Ultimate Team over a player like Rod Woodson. Your secondary players should all have above 90 speed and close to 90+ acceleration to make sure you can keep up with players like Tyreek Hill, Desean Jackson and Randy Moss. Linebackers with high speed will help you play better user coverage as well, being able to get to where you need to be very quickly is effective against an opponent who likes to run a lot of plays to the middle of the field. Let’s say your opponent runs double slants and you are using the new Pro Bowl Anthony Barr, you will be able to peel off of one slant and go to the other one to get that clutch user pick because his speed is very high. Ryan Shazier is another player that you should look for if you want some speed at the linebacker position. Also, high speed rating combined with your Defensive Linemen will help them get to the QB even faster

That concludes this weeks article. Is there anything you want me to cover next week? If so, please let Mr. MUT Coin and myself know in the comments section or send one of us an email and I will be happy to talk about something you guys want to hear about! As always be sure to use http://mrmutcoin.com for all your coin buying and selling needs and use code RYAN for 15% off!

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