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Bo Knows Week 3

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 06 2021

The Bo Knows Program received another update this morning with Barry Sanders, Dave Robinson, Anthony Munoz, and John Lynch all joining Bo's Dream Team. Barry Sanders is an Elusive Back HB with 94 SPD, 93 ACC, 94 AGI, 94 COD, and 93 BTK ratings. It's worth noting that Sanders is one of the few players currently available in MUT that can equip the Human Joystick Ability. Dave Robinson is a Pass Coverage LOLB who can rush the edge or drop into coverage with his 91 SPD, 94 BSH, 90 PRC, and 88 FMV ratings.

Anthony Munoz played 13 seasons in the NFL, all at left tackle for the Bengals. Munoz enters MUT with 93 STR, 91 AWR, 94 PBK, and 92 RBK ratings. You may recognize our final player of the day as one of the M22 Captains. With his new item today, Captain Lynch owners should consider picking a different Captain and using this Lynch to help fill out their  Bucs or Broncos Theme Teams. Lynch is a Run Support SS with 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 94 PUR, 94 POW, and 92 ZCV ratings.

Each of today's players now has a 94 OVR, 85 OVR, and Power Up version available in Madden Ultimate Team 22. Play challenges or purchase 85+ OVR Bo Knows Player Packs in the Store to acquire 85 OVR versions of the Bo Knows Players. You will use the 85 OVR Bo Knows Players to complete Sets to acquire the 94 OVR and Power Up versions of that player.


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