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Posted on April 01 2018

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The Madden 19 release date is August 10, 2018. You can preorder the game here.

 There are two versions of Madden 19 and preorder bonuses differ depending on which version you buy. Here's a comparison of what you get:

 Madden 19 Hall of Fame Edition

  • Cover Athlete: Terrell Owens
  • Pre-Order Bonus Items:
    • 3 days of early access to the full game (August 7, 2018)
    • 1 of 5 Elite Legend Players
    • 1 Eilte player from your favorite NFL team
    • 1 Training Pack
    • 1 Madden NFL 19 cover athlete Elite player
    • 12 Gold Team Fantasy Packs
    • 2 custom uniforms in Madden Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 19 Standard Edition

  • Cover Athlete: Unknown
  • Pre-Order Bonus Items:
    • 1 Elite player from your favorite team
    • 5 Gold Team Fantasy Packs

Madden 19 is introducing a feature called Real Player Motion to deliver game-changing control and precision on the field. From EA, "Realistic character movements provide smooth, immersive animations for adaptive and believable player motion while animation variety creates authentic movement unique to positions and body types. Your favorite players become true-to-life from snap to whistle."

 There are also all new gameplay concepts in the game. Here's what we know:

  •  One Cut - Control your ball carrier to change direction, avoid the tackle, and accelerate toward the end zone.
  • Hit the Hole - Allows your ball carrier to find the open lane, maneuver around your opponent, and seamlessly run through the lane for extra yards.
  • Push the Pile - Power through defenders at the line of scrimmage for that critical inch to get a first down or touchdown.

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