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Madden 19 Most Wanted

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on April 09 2018

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Hey guys! I am xRyan915, one of Mr. MUT Coin's Sponsors and I am back with another blog post. With Madden 18 we saw the return of some popular legendary players such as Derrick Brooks, Ed Reed and Jason Taylor. For whatever reason it seems like EA will put a set of legends in one of their games and remove them the next year, only to bring them back for the next installment. It's actually a smart idea, to get people to miss them and want them to return! It's always nice to see these great players make a return to Madden Ultimate Team. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 most wanted players for MUT 19. This is my own personal list with the help of a few friends of mine who have played this game mode since the beginning in Madden 2010 Ultimate Team.


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Madden 15 Ultimate Team was the last time we saw him. He is one of the most iconic Linebackers to ever play the game and also one of the most iconic Madden Ultimate Team cards for a lot of the long time MUT veterans. He is one of the reasons people to this day love to user control the Middle Linebacker position when playing Madden. With his elite speed and huge hit power he was a fan favorite among Madden players and I for one would be extremely excited to learn of his return to Madden 19 Ultimate Team.


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Here is another player we haven’t seen since Madden 16. The last time we saw him he had a career tribute 99 overall card and it was well deserving of an amazing career. Whether he will be a Cornerback or a Safety he will bring excitement to Madden Ultimate Team players eyes when they see his return. Hopefully in Madden 19 we will see him make his long awaited return and he will be locking up opposing Wide Receivers like Odell Beckham Jr and Antonio Brown. The question will be, will he make his return as an Oakland Raider or a Green Bay Packer? My guess would be a Packer at first and for his Ultimate Legend card he will be in his signature Black and Silver Oakland Raiders uniform.


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The inventor of the “Sack”. If it wasn’t for Deacon Jones there would be no such thing as sacks. If you want to talk about a player who sparked fear in opposing QB’s eyes it was Deacon Jones. We last saw him in Madden Ultimate Team back in Madden 16 and he is definitely a regular to the game mode. While he hasn’t been in MUT 17 or MUT 18 I fully expect him to be back in for the next installment of Madden. He is another player who is best left for a good promo instead of a base legend at the beginning of the game.


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The last time we saw Nnamdi in Madden Ultimate Team it was back in Madden 25. If you’re talking about lockdown Cornerbacks you have to bring up Nnamdi Asomugha’s name. Back in the early 2000’s to mid 2000’s you couldn’t find a more LOCK DOWN player than Asomugha. Opposing teams were terrified to throw his way and if they did, it would more than likely be a pass deflection or interception. He was intimidating to play against and I believe MUT players would welcome him back to the game with open arms in Madden 19!


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If you’re a MUT veteran you will remember how awesome it was to play with this 6’3” beast of a Running Back. Eddie George is a Tennessee Titans Legend and one of the most wanted players to return to Madden Ultimate Team from all the OG Madden players out there, myself included. I think it would be an awesome return to have him back in Madden 19 especially if they bring back his partner in crime, Steve McNair. Obviously if you know who I am, xRyan915, you will know I am a huge Tennessee Titans fan so this would be great for me as well!


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Omaha! It’s been awhile since we heard that. Peyton Manning retired from the NFL in 2016 and Madden 16 was the last time we saw him. I think bringing him back for Madden 19 Ultimate Team would be a great idea. What was the one thing you can remember about Peyton Manning in Madden? For me, it was playing against him in solo challenges, ALL THOSE AUDIBLES! I think it would be awesome to see him return and be in a few solo challenges to give us some competition and annoy us for a full year! Oh yeah and also lead our teams to victory like he has so many times for his Colts and Broncos.


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Sweetness! Walter Payton is a MUT regular who we haven’t seen since Madden 16. I think this is one of the players they are saving for a few years to get the hype back up for him. I thought he was going to be included in Madden 18 but I guess they decided to hold off one more year. I would say it’s a pretty good bet that he will be included in Madden 19 Ultimate Team and will be once again one of the best Running Backs in the game. He would be a welcomed player back to the game mode that we all love.


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We haven’t seen Polamalu since Madden 15, it’s been 3 years and I believe it’s time to bring him back. One of the all time best safeties to ever play the game and a Steelers Legend. I think MUT players would love to see the return of Troy Polamalu in Madden 19 Ultimate Team. With great speed and amazing hit power he is definitely a type of Safety MUT players love. He is very similar to the type of safety Sean Taylor is and we all know how people love them some Sean T!


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Next up we have the GUNSLINGER himself, Brett Favre! He was put back into the game in Madden 17 but taken out for no reason at all in Madden 18. I’m sure everybody would love for #4 to be back in Madden 19 Ultimate Team. Obviously he would be a player used later for a big time promo like Thanksgiving or Christmas but the payoff with Favre is always amazing! He’s one of the most fun Quarterbacks to use with his HUGE Throw Power attribute and of course he will have the Gunslinger ability.



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This is a player we have all wanted to see in Madden Ultimate Team for years. He was a controversial player but one of the all time best wide receivers in the history of football. In 2018 he will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, something he was deserving of as a first ballot but because of his controversial actions on and off the field, he was held back from being voted in. He would be a wonderful addition to Madden Ultimate Team and one of the most popular players to ever enter the game mode!


That concludes the list of the Top 10 Most Wanted Madden 19 Ultimate Team players. There are a lot of nostalgic players on this list that I feel like a lot of us would really enjoy seeing their return to glory in the game mode that we all love. As always this has been xRyan915 of mrmutcoin.com. I’ll see you guys in the next article! 

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